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Nozzle Bag Plastic Packaging Bag

Nozzle Bag Plastic Packaging Bag

Style: Three side seal type/Stand up zipper type/Side gusset type

Size: Customized or just inform us contain weight, we will recommend for you.


Thickness: Customized, normal 60 micron- 200micron

Sample: free sample, available

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Further Effect:

1. Tear/Notch; 2. Gold foil hot stamping; 3. Silver foil hot stamping;  4. Tin tie/Valve; 5. Window; 6. Holographic; 7. Glossy; 8. Matte.

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Suzhou YingYang Packaging Technology Co., Ltd is founded in 2001, proud to be one of China’s premier packaging and printing companies, located in Changshu City, close to Shanghai port.
We have been committed to the R&D and production of the packaging and printing industry. Yingyang is professional China custom Nozzle Bag Plastic Packaging Bag suppliers and OEM/ODM Nozzle Bag Plastic Packaging Bag factory. We produce Shrink Film, Shrink Sleeve, Pouches and Bottles for many of the nation’s brands across industries — Food and beverages, home and personal care, cosmetics, nutraceutical, wine and spirits, and pet care. We have a professional design team and multiple national patent technologies.
We have rich experience in production and design, we can customize Nozzle Bag Plastic Packaging Bag according to customer needs, which helps our customers solve a lot of packaging issues and open a bigger market for their products. In the past 20 years, We have won praise from customers all over the world.
We can provide ODM and OEM Nozzle Bag Plastic Packaging Bag, and have a professional team to help you build your own brand. Choose recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, which are safer, certified by professional institutions and 13 patented technologies. Regarding the quality issues that everyone cares about, we strictly check the quality control, and professional online testing equipment guarantees the quality of your products.

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Nozzle Bag Plastic Packaging Bag is also named as plastic bag and ziplock bag, we can make it based on your requirements. These Plastic Packaging Bags are made of high quality plastic materials by advanced equipment. And our brand NOZZLE has many years' experience in manufacturing. We have many plastic packaging bags for your selection and requirement, such as stand up zipper type, side gusset type and three side seal type etc.
SA plastic bags (also known as plastic packaging bags, shopping bags and so on) is good at protecting the product's safety and quality during transportation. At the same time, SA plastic bags can do some promotion for your products by printing your logo on it.
Nozzle bags are mainly used for packing the nozzles and tips of various kinds of cosmetic products, making it easy to store, convenient to carry and save space. The bag is made of high quality PE materials, excellent in flexibility and transparency.
Nozzle Bag is a plastic pipe used to package liquid products such as water, wine, oil and feed.It has great adaptability in the market with its unique design concept. Because of its outstanding performance in sealing and protecting, it is widely used in food and beverage industry.
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