PVC PETG Bottled Beverage Packaging Heat Shrink Sleeve Labels Custom

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PVC PETG Bottled Beverage Packaging Heat Shrink Sleeve Labels

PVC PETG Bottled Beverage Packaging Heat Shrink Sleeve Labels

Usage:Bottled Beverage, Packaging promotion advertising decoration

Brand Name:OEM

Type:Shrink Label, Custom shrink sleeve label


Material:PET, PVC or PET

Custom Order:Accept

Use:Coffee, Wine, Juice, WHISKY, BRANDY, Beer, Champagne, Mineral Water, VODKA, Tequila, Tea, Energy Drinks, Carbonated Drinks, Other Beverage

Industrial Use:Beverage

Features:water-proof UV resistant anti-frozen heat-resistant Eco-friendly

Color:CMYK Color PMS spot color

Shape:Any custom shape

Surface finishing:Glossy / Matt Embossing Spot UV Foil stamping

Application:bottled beverage packaging

Printing:Offset Silkscreen printing UV printing

  • Product Description
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Custom gold foil stamping PVC PETG coffee beverage heat shrink wrap sleeve label
A shrink label is a printed piece of plastic, unsupported by liner or adhesive, that is placed around a container, seamed, and heated to a temperature that will cause the film to shrink to the exact contour of the container. Most shrink labels are plastic sheets that are formed into tubes, or sleeves, by the use of a seaming machine. The sleeve is then slipped onto the container and then shrunk in the heat tunnel. Another type of shrink label is called roll-on shrink-on. This process involves cutting the label directly from the printed roll of film, wrapping it around the container, seaming it at that point, and then heating it for the shrink process.

Shrink Sleeve Label
Shrink sleeves are one of the modern and frequently used forms of promotional packaging which can be also referred as shrink labels and shrink wrappers. Shrink film packaging can perform the same function as your ordinary label, but they are far more durable and efficient. We manufactures shrink sleeve labels for various part of packaging which include bottles and beverage cans. Our shrink sleeves can be customized according to your brand’s preferences.

What is a Shrink Sleeve?
A label that is able to encompass the entirety of the bottle/package allowing 360 degree brand recognition. The label is reverse printed, making the label and ink more durable to wear and tear. This label also allows for the label to stretch up to the cap,thereby installing a built-in tamper evident solution. With a perforation in place, the label can also be easily removed making the container recyclable.
When Are Shrink Sleeves the Right Solution?
 * Drives higher product recognition/appeal
* Want better chance to capture attention in 5-10 seconds
* Increase product information
* Trying to fit a label to a uniquely contoured bottle
* Seeking a Tamper Evident Solution
* Combining two packages to be sold at one time
* Trying to stand out against competitors
* Need a durable label that will stand up to certain household chemicals
* Looking to be more environmentally conscious
Choose right material for your shrink sleeve label 
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a material familiar to many, was the primary substrate developed for the shrink sleeve label market. It remains in broad use today and benefits from a robust and well-developed global supply chain, which can make it a lower-cost option. But environmental sensitivities related to phthalate and chlorine content have been widely communicated, and have created concerns about use of PVC as a label or packaging material.
The primary material used in shrink sleeve labeling today is Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG). Key benefits of PETG use include its widespread availability, overall film clarity, stability compared to other material options and shrink capability of up to 78 percent. In combination, these features make PETG generally fit for use in most applications. The material cost typically is at a premium relative to PVC. Overall, PETG is a shrink sleeve material that’s well suited to this rapidly growing subset of labeling operations.
Oriented Polystyrene (OPS) and Polylactic Acid (PLA) are other shrink sleeve materials used in selected applications. While OPS offers higher yield and a more controlled shrink rate, it requires careful handling and different converting materials and conditions. There is a lot of interest in PLA as it is a bio-based polymer material. Limited sources of supply, cost and handling issues have limited its adoption to date.
* Premium quality shrink wrap, AKA high-clarity, decorative shrink wrap. 
* Made of 100% recyclable materials
* Ability to shrink quickly and completely,Durable, versatile, low cost
* Excellent for bundling multiple items together, like tissue boxes for example.
* Polyolefin is more expensive, but more durable- not as effected by temperature changes
* This material is approved for food contact
* Excellent tensile-strength and propagation-to-tear
* Pre-perforated POF is available and allows for even shrink surface, no air pocket




CMYK, Pantone(PMS)


Full color Offset printing. Gravure Printing


Gold foil stamping ,spot UV  and so on 


Eco-friendly, water-proof, oil-proof, anti-frozen,  etc.

Design & shape

Any custom design and shape.




food, soft drink , liquor, red wine, beer etc.


L/C,T/T, Western Union, PayPal, MoneyGram

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Suzhou YingYang Packaging Technology Co., Ltd is founded in 2001, proud to be one of China’s premier packaging and printing companies, located in Changshu City, close to Shanghai port.
We have been committed to the R&D and production of the packaging and printing industry. Yingyang is professional China custom PVC PETG Bottled Beverage Packaging Heat Shrink Sleeve Labels suppliers and OEM/ODM PVC PETG Bottled Beverage Packaging Heat Shrink Sleeve Labels factory. We produce Shrink Film, Shrink Sleeve, Pouches and Bottles for many of the nation’s brands across industries — Food and beverages, home and personal care, cosmetics, nutraceutical, wine and spirits, and pet care. We have a professional design team and multiple national patent technologies.
We have rich experience in production and design, we can customize PVC PETG Bottled Beverage Packaging Heat Shrink Sleeve Labels according to customer needs, which helps our customers solve a lot of packaging issues and open a bigger market for their products. In the past 20 years, We have won praise from customers all over the world.
We can provide ODM and OEM PVC PETG Bottled Beverage Packaging Heat Shrink Sleeve Labels, and have a professional team to help you build your own brand. Choose recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, which are safer, certified by professional institutions and 13 patented technologies. Regarding the quality issues that everyone cares about, we strictly check the quality control, and professional online testing equipment guarantees the quality of your products.

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PVC PETG Bottled Beverage Packaging Heat Shrink Sleeve Labels Description Application:Bottled Beverage, Packaging promotion advertising decoration. Feature:Waterproof, Easy Applied With A Hot Iron, Sleeve Length Can be Custom Made as Client's Requirement. Material:PET or PVC with good quality and different color available. Custom Order:Accept Usage:Coffee, Wine, Juice, WHISKY, BRANDY, Beer, Champagne, Mineral Water, VODKA, Tequila, Tea, Energy Drinks, Carbonated Drinks
Our PVC PETG heat shrink labels are used for the bottles of beverage, drinks and other packaging. It will show the brand and product information. And our label is transparent, waterproof, anti-UV and anti-oil resistant for any liquid or alcoholic beverages. It also can be used for other industries such as electronics, computer parts etc.
PVC PETG shrink sleeve labels are made of high-quality PVC, PETG and other resin materials. They are used to wrap the bottles, cans or glass jars to protect them. It is an ideal choice for both food and non-food packaging. It is a perfect match for the production line of beverage packaging bags, beverage bottle caps, soda bottles and many more.
This is a heat shrink sleeve label, used to decorate the bottle. We made it with PET materials, and it has a good resistance to UV-ray. This is an economic and environmental solution for you. If your requirement is different from the colors above, we also accept custom.
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