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Food Shrink Labels/Sleeves Seal Packaging

Food Shrink Labels/Sleeves Seal Packaging

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Shrink Sleeve
Shrink sleeves provide customers with more design possibilities. They are full-body labels that can wrap the whole container, providing you with 360 degree brand and information display. It can easily improve the shelf influence of your products.

Full Body & Tamper

Full Body

Half Body

Tamper Evidant

Popular Form Advantage
Shrink sleeves are particularly popular in the beverage industry, especially juices, energy drinks and alcoholic beverages, because they provide tamper-proof seals. For the same reason, they are also common in the packaging of medicines and health products.

At present, the use of shrink sleeves can also be seen in household detergents, soaps and detergents, because they can use new materials with high temperature, moisture and friction resistance.
Perfect Shrinkage without wrinkles in abnormal shapes of bottle.

Allows labeling & decorating on complex shaped containers.

Environmentally friendly and Food Grade Material.

Premium printing quality and High transparency.

Why Choose Us ?
Shrink sleeves manufacturing is one of the most complex processes in labeling industry. That’s why you need to find an experienced manufacturer who can produce shrink sleeves for various container shapes.
We offer a range of powerful label design and printing capabilities, including the design and printing of shrink sleeves for various purposes. We will select suitable shrinkage material for your container shape and modify your graphics to prevent shrinkage deformation during preloading. With our powerful printing function, we can meet any design customization.
About Us
China Professional Packaging & Printing Supplier2001


Years Experiences

Suzhou YingYang Packaging Technology Co., Ltd is founded in 2001, proud to be one of China’s premier packaging and printing companies, located in Changshu City, close to Shanghai port.
We have been committed to the R&D and production of the packaging and printing industry. Yingyang is professional China custom Food Shrink Labels/Sleeves Seal Packaging suppliers and OEM/ODM Food Shrink Labels/Sleeves Seal Packaging factory. We produce Shrink Film, Shrink Sleeve, Pouches and Bottles for many of the nation’s brands across industries — Food and beverages, home and personal care, cosmetics, nutraceutical, wine and spirits, and pet care. We have a professional design team and multiple national patent technologies.
We have rich experience in production and design, we can customize Food Shrink Labels/Sleeves Seal Packaging according to customer needs, which helps our customers solve a lot of packaging issues and open a bigger market for their products. In the past 20 years, We have won praise from customers all over the world.
We can provide ODM and OEM Food Shrink Labels/Sleeves Seal Packaging, and have a professional team to help you build your own brand. Choose recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, which are safer, certified by professional institutions and 13 patented technologies. Regarding the quality issues that everyone cares about, we strictly check the quality control, and professional online testing equipment guarantees the quality of your products.

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Food Shrink Labels/Sleeves Seal Packaging Protects the Food Grade and keep fresh.
Keep your food fresh with our Food Shrink Labels/Sleeves Seal Packaging. Whether you're packing up a gift basket or creating an incentive program, these handy seals help keep your food safe and fresh.
Our Food Shrink Labels/Sleeves are specially designed to seal individual product, they are made of high quality shrink film with excellent performance. Comparing to the traditional label, our Food Shrink Labels/Sleeves not only can prevent food from external pollution but also can significantly improve the product's shelf life.
Our food shrink sleeves are made from a premium quality shrink material that has a matte finish and is 100% clear. We can print on the front, back and one side of the sleeve. You can add photos or text on the sleeve to give it a more personal touch.
custom packaging is our specialty. In addition to fulfillment, we also offer a full range of packaging options. Our Shrink Wrapping services are a great way to seal and protect products from damages during transit.
Food Shrink Labels/Sleeves Seal Packaging is the perfect solution for your food packaging! Our labels are made especially to be used with our Food Shrink packaging. Food Shrink is a plastic shrink wrap that shrinks as you heat it, shielding your food’s presentation without the use of chemicals or glue
Our high quality food shrink labels are the perfect way to seal and protect your products, to ensure they are free from contamination or tampering. Give your products an extra layer of protection with our premium quality food shrink sleeves and labels.
This seal packaging is perfect for breads, cupcakes, muffins, brownies and other homemade treats. The high quality printing on clear materials will last and look great! The package includes two shrink sleeves that can be printed on both sides and one blank sleeve. 
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