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BOPP Thermal Laminating Film

BOPP Thermal Laminating Film

Industrial Use:building insulation materials


Type:Metallized Film

Usage:building insulation materials

Feature:Moisture Proof


Processing Type:Multiple Extrusion




Application:Package and Building Insulation



Packing:Roll Packing


Delivery Time:10-15 Working Days

Sample:Available(free Sample)

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VMPET+PE lamination film
1.Reflective to sunshine and solar heat
2.Water proof & damp-proof
3.To laminated with Woven,bubble and EPE,XPEfoam as thermal lnsulating materials,
4.Prevent dust and moisture from penetrating inside
5.Durable, environmentally friendly.
6.Building insulation materials
Metallized PET coated PE film 
is a barrier film formed by depositing a thin layer of aluminum atoms onto high-quality PET film by vacuum aluminum plating process. It has bright metal gloss, excellent gas and light barrier and good moisture-proof,heat-resistant and puncture resistance. It can replace aluminum foil and other advantages.
VMPET+PE Thickness
6+3,8+5,12+6,12+7,12+8,12+10,12+12,12+15,12+17,,,as customed ,used for packaging and buiding insulation materials.

Name of the products
Mainly materials
Metallized PET,LDPE( Polyethylene ),Aluminum foil
VMPET thickness
6,7,8,10,12,15,18micron and so on
PE coating thickness
Heat-sealing layer (PE) inside
silver,green,red,blue,pink and so on
Width and length
0.8-1.65m width,length can be according to customer request

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Suzhou YingYang Packaging Technology Co., Ltd is founded in 2001, proud to be one of China’s premier packaging and printing companies, located in Changshu City, close to Shanghai port.
We have been committed to the R&D and production of the packaging and printing industry. Yingyang is professional China custom BOPP Thermal Laminating Film suppliers and OEM/ODM BOPP Thermal Laminating Film factory. We produce Shrink Film, Shrink Sleeve, Pouches and Bottles for many of the nation’s brands across industries — Food and beverages, home and personal care, cosmetics, nutraceutical, wine and spirits, and pet care. We have a professional design team and multiple national patent technologies.
We have rich experience in production and design, we can customize BOPP Thermal Laminating Film according to customer needs, which helps our customers solve a lot of packaging issues and open a bigger market for their products. In the past 20 years, We have won praise from customers all over the world.
We can provide ODM and OEM BOPP Thermal Laminating Film, and have a professional team to help you build your own brand. Choose recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, which are safer, certified by professional institutions and 13 patented technologies. Regarding the quality issues that everyone cares about, we strictly check the quality control, and professional online testing equipment guarantees the quality of your products.

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BOPP Thermal Laminating Film is a PET material with a metallized film that is used as building insulation materials. It has moisture proof, soft and hard properties.The BOPP Thermal Laminating Film is a moisture proof, soft, metallized film. It's used to make building insulation materials.
BOPP thermal laminating film is a moisture-proof metallized polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material for use in building insulation materials. It's ideal for climates where moisture can be a problem with other materials, such as in humid tropical areas.
The BOPP Thermal Laminating Film is just that, so you can feel free to take it into any environment and not worry about it getting wet or damaged by water. It's perfect for insulating your home or business from the elements and keeping it warm.
BOPP Thermal Laminating Film is made of PET and is Metallized Film. It can be used as building insulation materials. The moisture proof feature of this BOPP Thermal Laminating Film makes it a perfect choice for industrial use. The hardness of this BOPP Thermal Laminating Film is soft and it is also easy to use.
The BOPP Thermal Laminating Film is a PET metallized film that's used for building insulation materials. It's moisture proof, and its hardness is soft.BOPP Thermal Laminating Film is the perfect material for building insulation materials. It's made from PET, which makes it moisture-proof and durable. It's also metallized, so it retains its heat when exposed to sunlight.
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