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What Are The Standards For Shrink Label Selection?

The printing of shrink labels has been briefly analyzed above. In addition to controlling the printing process, the material plays a decisive role in affecting its quality. Therefore, choosing the right material is

The essential.

The thickness of the film material is determined according to the application field, cost, film characteristics, shrinkage performance, printing process and labeling process requirements of the heat shrinkable film label. General requirements for making shrinkage

The film thickness of the film label should be 30 microns-70 microns, 50 microns, 45 microns, and 40 microns are more commonly used, depending on the labeling performance of the labeling equipment.

For the selected label material, it is generally required that the shrinkage rate of the film material is within the application range, and the transverse (TD) shrinkage rate is higher than the longitudinal (MD) shrinkage rate. Lateral shrinkage of commonly used materials

The rate is 50% ~ 52% and 60% ~ 62%, and it can reach 90% in special cases. The longitudinal shrinkage rate is required to be 6% to 8%. In addition, since the shrink film is very sensitive to heat, therefore, in

During storage, printing and transportation, be sure to avoid high temperature. Because the heat-shrinkable film is a thermoplastic material that is stretched and oriented during the production process and shrinks during use.

plastic film. Therefore, no matter which printing method is used for printing, the horizontal and vertical shrinkage of the material, as well as the various decorative graphics and texts after shrinkage, must be considered before designing the surface pattern.

In order to guarantee the shrinkage to the pattern and barcode on the container, the allowable deformation error can be ensured.

The basis for determining the thickness of the film is the application field of the label and the cost factor. Of course, the price is not the decisive factor, because each film has its uniqueness, users and logo printing

The manufacturer must specify the film used and the process that is most suitable for the material before signing the contract. In addition, the indicators required by the processing equipment and other process factors also directly affect the choice of thickness. Pass

It is often required that the film thickness of heat shrinkable film labels be 30~70μm, among which, 40um and 50μm films are widely used. In addition, there are certain requirements on the shrinkage rate of the film, and

The transverse (TD) shrinkage is higher than the longitudinal (MD) shrinkage. The transverse shrinkage rate of commonly used materials is 50% to 52% and 60% to 62%, and can reach 90% in special cases. longitudinal shrinkage

The rate requirement is between 6% and 8%. When making shrink film sleeve labels, materials with small longitudinal shrinkage should be selected as much as possible.

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