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Shrink Band Usage And Antiseptic Operation

Shrink band began to be used in the oil and gas industry in the mid-to-late 1990s for long-distance transportation of oil and natural gas steel pipe welds for anti-corrosion. At the beginning of this century, it was widely used for anti-corrosion of long-distance oil and natural gas steel pipe welds, urban gas pipe network joint anti-corrosion, and heating steel pipes. Seam anticorrosion, water pipe seam anticorrosion and other fields. This paragraph from the steel pipe anti-corrosion significance. Corrosion status of oil and gas steel pipes Brief introduction of heat shrinkable sleeves for oil and gas pipelines, requirements for oil and gas pipelines for anticorrosion heat shrinkable tapes, application prospects of anticorrosive heat shrinkable tapes in the oil and gas industry The application of heat shrinkable tape in steel pipe anticorrosion.

Steel pipe anti-corrosion shrink band is a new type of anti-corrosion material for steel pipe welds with good performance and easy operation. It is composed of a base material and a hot melt adhesive layer. The base material is a plastic sleeve (sheet) formed by extrusion, radiation cross-linking, and stretching of polyethylene raw materials. Hot melt adhesive is a special adhesive. It is solid at room temperature. It can flow in a molten state when heated, and can be coated on the substrate. Good adhesion to metals and plastics. The outer anti-corrosion layer of the steel pipe is usually a three-layer structure (also known as three-layer PE anti-corrosion). In contact with the steel pipe is the anti-corrosion paint primer). The middle is hot melt glue. The outermost layer is cross-linked polyethylene. In a few cases, the outer anti-corrosion layer of the steel pipe is also used as the second layer (two-layer PE anti-corrosion), and the sealing hot melt adhesive is used to contact the steel pipe, and the outer layer is cross-linked polyethylene. The anti-corrosion jacket is composed of foam jacket cover (inner layer), hot melt adhesive (middle layer) and substrate (outer layer). For technical requirements, see the oil and gas industry standard SY/T0413-2002 "Technical Standard for Buried Steel Pipeline Polyethylene Anticorrosion Coating" SY/T4054-2003 Radiation Crosslinked Polyethylene Heat Shrinkable Tape (Case)", SY/T0415-1996 "Buried Steel Pipeline Technical Standard for Rigid Polyurethane Foam Anticorrosion and Insulation Layer of Ground Steel Pipelines.

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