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Introduction To Shrink Sleeves

The shrink sleeve is commonly known as the dead sleeve. The inner layer of the heat shrinkable sleeve is an epoxy primer coated on the surface of the steel pipe, the middle layer is a hot melt adhesive, and the outer layer is a modified radiation cross-linked polyethylene substrate.

Shrink sleeves began to be used in the oil and gas industry in the mid-to-late 1990s for long-distance transportation of oil and natural gas steel pipes for anti-corrosion. At the beginning of this century, they were widely used for anti-corrosion of urban gas pipe network joints, heating steel pipe joints, and water pipe joints. and other fields. The following is the meaning of steel pipe anticorrosion. Corrosion status of oil and gas pipelines, brief introduction of heat shrinkable sleeves for oil and gas pipelines, requirements for heat shrinkable sleeves for oil and gas pipelines, application prospects of heat shrinkable sleeves in the oil and gas industry in five aspects The application of heat shrinkable sleeve in steel pipe anticorrosion is described. Easy to install, quick and labor-saving.

It is composed of radiation cross-linked polyolefin base material and special sealing hot melt adhesive. The special sealing hot melt adhesive can form a good bond with polyethylene base material, steel pipe surface and solid epoxy coating. When heated, the base layer of the heat-shrinkable sleeve shrinks, the adhesive layer melts, and tightly shrinks and covers the joint, forming a firm and continuous anti-corrosion body with the original pipeline anti-corrosion layer. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, UV resistance and photoaging performance.

Features - High mechanical strength, strong anti-aging ability.

—Good resistance to environmental stress.

—Excellent adhesive performance.

-Easy to use.

With the rapid development of the national economy, my country's demand for energy is increasing, and there are more and more long-distance oil transportation, gas pipeline projects and urban gas pipeline network construction. During the "1st Five-Year Plan" period, the long-distance oil and gas pipeline projects will exceed 20,000 kilometers. The urban gas pipeline network project is nearly 30,000 kilometers. The demand for heat-shrinkable sleeves exceeds 3 billion yuan, and there are very few qualified domestic manufacturers. The application prospect of heat-shrinkable sleeves in the anticorrosion of buried oil pipelines is very broad.

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