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How to Use Custom Shrink Wrap to Protect Your Products?

Whether you’re packaging single items or bundles of products, Custom Shrink Wrap can be an efficient and cost-effective option. The film shrinks tightly over the product it’s covering when heated, and it protects your goods from dust and weathering.
Unlike paperboard boxes, printed shrink wrap maintains it’s graphics integrity for long periods of time and makes your products stand out in the marketplace. This unique material is also environmentally friendly, helping to lower your carbon footprint and reduce shipping costs.
Increase Marketing with Printed Shrink Wrap
Using shrink wrap to package your products can help boost your brand awareness and build loyalty with consumers. When used in conjunction with other marketing materials, like brochures and catalogs, printed shrink wrap can be a powerful tool to make your products stand out on shelves or online.
Selecting the Right Type of Film
For most applications, you can find a film that’s suitable for both your product and your specific needs. The best way to choose the right film is to consider which attributes are most important for your application and the amount of protection you require.
Shrink films offer a variety of properties including shrink, sealability, optics, toughness, and slip. The ideal choice for your application will depend on several factors including the product you’re wrapping, the intended use, and budget.
We carry a wide range of shrink film types that can be paired with our shrink wrapping systems to maximize your packaging and savings. We’ll guide you through the process of selecting the best film for your packaging application, and help you find a solution that meets all your needs.
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